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Instructions for how to create shortcuts to your files in Microsoft Teams to be accessed in Windows File Explorer
List of software licensed by the College for use on student, faculty and staff computers
How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that's a hub for teamwork. It's extensible and customizable, so you can tailor it for the information your team needs.
Microsoft Teams is an application to assist with collaboration and communication with colleagues and associates across campus or anywhere with internet access. This article explains how to access or host and record a Microsoft Teams meeting.
How to resolve Teams being blocked
This article describes how to address the "We can't get your files" error when attempting to access files on a newly-created team in Microsoft Teams.
College of Charleston students are eligible for free access to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to sign up.
Learn how to share Teams files with people outside of CofC so that they can only view and not download the file.
This article will solve the problems Run-time error 53 problems when opening documents within Microsoft Office applications.
This article describes options for employees to save their college owned files. When saving or storing your files, consider who needs access to the file and whether the file will be modified or is finalized. Choose from several Microsoft tools such as OneDrive, Teams, Stream, and the Hub (Intranet, SharePoint).
To Backup files, log into OneDrive, click upload then select the files you would like to upload to OneDrive (this is only to be used for official College business only)
You can view Shared OneDrive Files/Folders online or set up shortcuts in File Explorer.
This article describes how to proceed when Microsoft Excel will not open. If you attempt to open Excel, either by double-clicking a file or clicking on the application itself, nothing happens.