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This is a guide for how to request access to, set up and use Pulse Secure VPN. Pulse Secure VPN allows you to access certain resources (like Banner, network drives, etc.) that require campus network connection.
Instruction for connecting a device to the edurom and ResNet wireless networks.
Apple iOS 14 devices, WatchOS 7 and later devicesas well as Android 10 and later devices will use private MAC addresses by default when connecting to each SSID/Wifi Name. This may cause the device to the rejected from joining the network.
How to connect to CofC network drives while off campus
Share files securely with SecureShare.
What should I do when the printer is low on toner?
How to add a printer that is on the CofC network to your Windows computer or laptop.
Connect to a drive or server on the CofC network on a Mac.
How to remove your Eduroam profile when your iPhone or iPad won't connect after a password reset.
This article describes how to add a shortcut on the desktop to a network drive.
This article describes how to turn on Network Discovery on a Windows 10 PC.
Learn how to access your CofC U: drive or Wharfside drive on a Windows 10 computer.
Instructions for mapping a network drive on Windows
If your PC laptop/desktop will not connect to Eduroam, you may need to delete the profile and re-add it.
This article describes how to add a CofC network printer to your personal laptop to print while on campus.