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Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking exams in OAKS. It prevents users from accessing other applications while taking an exam. This article explains its usage and how to install it.
How to submit a quiz on behalf of a student who couldn't submit it due to technical issues.
How to join a Zoom meeting.
You may need to use the refresh icon in Zoom to see the newly added recordings.
Learn how to properly share Zoom Recordings in OAKS.
OAKS integrated Zoom import feature is not working
Learn the possible meaning of the error messages when submitting grades in OAKS.
How to find OAKS Sent Mail
Student - Learn how to determine what may be the cause of your courses not displaying in OAKS.
Learn how to display your most current courses on your OAKS Homepage.
Learn how to see past error messages received when submitting grades to Banner via OAKS.
This article describes when students will be able to access their courses' OAKS pages at the start of a term.
The Classlist tool allows faculty to add Content Assistants, Librarians, and Department Chairs to their OAKS class. Other user types can be added by completing the form located on the OAKS Homepage. Students can only added to your course through official channels via Banner.
Request a third-party integration with OAKS.
Learn how to use the Leganto Reading List tool within OAKS.