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Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking exams in OAKS. It prevents users from accessing other applications while taking an exam. This article explains its usage and how to install it.
This article describes when students will be able to access their courses' OAKS pages at the start of a term.
Can't access OAKS courses prior to the first day of class.
When one attmepts to watch a pre-recorded Zoom session that has been posted to OAKS(via a link) and gets stuck in an loop of entering the pass code over and over, they can resolve the issue by opening the link in a new tab instead of trying to view it within OAKS.
The create and edit Assignments page changed mid-2021 and has a fully immersive page layout. This layout is consistent with other areas of our OAKS Learning Environment, including Assignments, Content, and Lessons, where you can upload and create a new assignment. This KB will talk about how to setup your assignment including restricting file types and how to access Turnitin.
The Grading Assistant role cannot access the Grades area nor can they manually enter grades into the grade book.
Get a student tutorial for Kaltura
Learn how to resolve RLDB issues with copied classes.
The TLT blog has instructions available for OAKS.
What is Founding Documents?
Students has taken and passed the FDR Tests in OAKS, but passing scores not showing in Degree Works. Here is how to resolve thie issue
This article provides information on allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari to successfully play Kaltura videos in OAKS.
Workaround to adjust the brightness of the all white OAKS look to help avoid eyestrain.
It is a known issue for the OAKS tile to be blank before integrating it with MyPortal. Here's how to integrate OAKS with MyPortal.
How to add the McGraw Hill Connect integration into OAKS