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OAKS allows users to add YouTube videos to their Content area within their classes as well as any OAKS tool that uses the HTML editor.
How to successfully sign into VoiceThread from within OAKS.
Reduce number of columns (grade items) visible in Gradebook to increase the number of students listed per page.
Learn how to resolve RLDB issues with copied classes.
Learn how to display your most current courses on your OAKS Homepage.
This article provides information on allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari to successfully play Kaltura videos in OAKS.
A tool or function in OAKS (D2L/Brightspace) could use improvement.
The Self Registration tool is a link that is present ONLY on the OAKS MyHome page Navigation bar. The links name is “Self Registration for SPEC courses ONLY”
It allows any OAKS user to register for a how to use OAKS non-credit course called “Introduction to OAKS for Students” All OAKS users see it and could register. This is the only course that uses Self Registration. Students will have to go through normal registration process to register for all other CofC courses.
Starting January 1, 2020 D2L/Brightspace (OAKS) no longer supports Internet Explorer.
How to create a webpage within a Content Module to hold readings, embedded video, and more in OAKS.
Newly admitted students may need to wait a day to access OAKS, Office 365, or related accounts.
When there is an issue with single-sign-on in MyCharleston, people will receive an Access Denied error even though they have access.
Learn how to import a .zip file course from a publisher or a D2L/Brightspace (OAKS) backup, into an existing OAKS course shell.
Learn how to copy some or all of the material from one OAKS course into another.
Students has taken and passed the FDR Tests in OAKS, but passing scores not showing in Degree Works. Here is how to resolve thie issue