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OneDrive for CofC retains deleted files for 93 days. Use OneDrive web app to restore files.
There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.
List of software licensed by the College for use on student, faculty and staff computers
The door is locked. How can I get in?
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that's a hub for teamwork. It's extensible and customizable, so you can tailor it for the information your team needs.
Newly admitted students may need to wait a day to access OAKS, Office 365, or related accounts.
How do I sign into the OneDrive app after it is installed on my computer?
Find out information on available student discounts including laptops.
Uninstall/Reinstall to get the newest version of Office. DOS is working on some changes that can be made in the registry which may allow end-users to manage their own updates, but at this time, reinstalling is the only way to update.
Details of what you need to do when requesting a telephone move
College of Charleston students are eligible for free access to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to sign up.
Some people have Microsoft 365 accounts from other institutions. Once signed into one, it's often difficult to get signed in to the other. Here's how to overcome that.
This article describes how to proceed when Microsoft Excel will not open. If you attempt to open Excel, either by double-clicking a file or clicking on the application itself, nothing happens.
How to access Microsoft-sponsored training on Teams.
How to use AutoSave and AutoRecover for Microsoft Office products.