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This article describes why auto-forwarding functionality was disabled for all employee email accounts.
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Can't create a contact list in outlook for Mac because the Contact List button is grayed out.
How to switch back to the old Outlook user interface on a Mac computer, reverting to the legacy version.
How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.
This article describes a resolution for when the Outlook Search feature is not working.
If your mail profile becomes corrupt, you will not be able to open your mail application. This can be resolved by rebuilding your mail profile.
All faculty and staff members are able to schedule a Teams meeting in order to hold a conference call when more than three people need to attend the same phone call. This article focuses on the steps to schedule a meeting specifically for a conference call.
This article details steps on how to modify which account is sending emails with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.
How to send mail from you second email, and have it show up in the Sent folder of the first address.
How do I know if this email is phishing or if it is spam?
Two-factor verification can help to stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you, because even if they have your password, odds are that they don't have your device, too.

There are some common two-factor verification problems that seem to happen more frequently than any of us would like. We've put together this article hoping to address the most common problems and some possible fixes.
How to get to Outlook from MyPortal
Instructions on how to add a shared or departmental email account to your desktop Outlook mail client.
This article describes how to set up your email account on a campus computer or on your smart phone.