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This is a how faculty and staff can view courses offered in MyPortal/SSB9. This replaces the Registration Tools "Conscise Schedule" in MyCharleston.
Access to All Students have been granted to all faculty. This access has removed the student(advisee) list.
College of Charleston students have the ability to electronically share certain academic and financial aid information with a parent or guardian.
Introduction to Self Service Banner 9 -- what is it and where to get more information
Instructions for how to enter a leave report via MyPortal (SSB 9)
How to use MyPortal to enter your timesheet.
This article provides some troubleshooting steps to test if you are seeing an internal error message when attempting to register for classes.
How to update preferred first name
A faculty user guide for entering grades in SSB 9 via MyPortal
These are the steps to withdrawal from a course in MyPortal.
How to Register for Classes in My Portal and Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB9)
The default size of the Meeting Times column does not allow the end-user to see all of the information. This article explains how to expand the Meeting Times column to see the full details of days, time, room location, and dates for the classes.