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How do I know if this email is phishing or if it is spam?
Includes the website, download name, and credentials to sign into MyPortal
How to update your College of Charleston records to reflect your name change.
This article provides steps for logging into the Cougar Card Portal and troubleshooting for anyone having issues.
People will not be able to locate their CWID or MyCharleston login if their birthdate or SSN are incorrect. They must submit a correction form to the appropriate office to get it corrected.
How to get to the "Other" login when the screen shows only other people's logins
College Employees who have had their name changed will need to place a request using the self service portal for their name change to be reflected in their college email & login, or they may contact the IT Service Desk.
This article describes how to change the display name in a Gmail account.
This article describes what to do if a new student has not received permanent MyCharleston credentials yet.
This article describes how to look up your username.
The Parking Portal uses the same credentials as your MyCharleston login/username.
How to recover your username and reset your password for the website.
Resolve username/password issues with OAKS