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There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.
How students and employees can synchronize their Cmail/Google Apps password with their MyCharleston/MyPortal password
Newly admitted students may need to wait a day to access OAKS, Office 365, or related accounts.
I can't login and there is no Ethernet port on my Mac. How can I connect my mac laptop to Ethernet?
This article provides information regarding Qualtrics
Tips for staying signed out or signed in to your Google Account
Contact IT when your account is expired.
How to set up a Zoom meeting to require registration.
An Authorized User will have their own account in eBill, allowing them the ability to make payments. This article lists the instructions for students on how to set up an Authorized User in eBill.
How students can gain access to Office365 applications.
How to update your College of Charleston records to reflect your name change.
Some people have Microsoft 365 accounts from other institutions. Once signed into one, it's often difficult to get signed in to the other. Here's how to overcome that.
Instructions for setting up MFA the first time you log into your CofC account
This article explains how to address the "User not authenticated" error when accessing Banner resources (SSB, Banner Admin Pages, etc.) in MyPortal.
It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.