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Newly admitted students may need to wait a day to access OAKS, Office 365, or related accounts.
This article provides information on Faculty Activity System (FAS- also called Activity Insight or Digital Measures) and how to use/report issues with it.
This article contains a brief summary, download and installation instructions for TextHelp Read&Write software.
Admissions can assist applicants with getting back into their application accounts.
This article provides further information on how to apply to graduate, as well as offers additional resources to answer further questions or troubleshoot common application issues.
How to get started with the undergraduate application for the College of Charleston.
Contact information for sending in materials related to applying to the College
Information regarding withdrawing or declining the offer of admission into CofC
How to change your default program to another application.
This article describes how to turn off the password requirement for Zoom cloud recordings.
How do students enter their emergency contact information for the Housing application?
How do I get a waiver applied for my Housing/Dining deposit and application?
This article describes how to set how Firefox treats certain applications in a browser session, such as whether it automatically saves or previews a document.
IRB eForms will only work in Chrome or Firefox. Login with your cougars credentials, but not your whole email address. Only Principal Investigators can edit applications.
When an application is nonresponsive, but the Mac computer is not frozen, you can choose to force the application to quit.