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Restarting or installing updates will likely resolve issues with built-in audio
This article details instructions for how to update audio drivers.
Get help with audio issues with Zoom
This article offers resource guides and troubleshooting for common Zoom issues.
VoiceThread requires several things such as Flash and Cookies enabled in order to allow you to do voice or video comments. If you are unable to record a voice comment OR if you can record video but it has no audio in VoiceThread then this article should help you diagnose your problem.
While OAKS will accept most file types, users should not upload media files directly into OAKS tools. There are other media options, integrated with OAKS that will produce a better result.
This article contains a brief summary, download and installation instructions for TextHelp Read&Write software.
To Correct volume issues in Extron Lite, confirm power is going to the system, ensure the proper input switch is selected on Extron panel, also turn volume all the way up on the panel.
What to do when Zoom constantly crashes or has audio/microphone issues.
Audio files from WW Norton embedded in OAKS Quiz not playing properly in some web browsers.