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This article describes the steps needed to transfer a call from a CofC phone.
Learn how to use the Yealink T48 VoIP phone.
All faculty and staff members are able to schedule a Teams meeting in order to hold a conference call when more than three people need to attend the same phone call. This article focuses on the steps to schedule a meeting specifically for a conference call.
Employees without a phone may obtain a hard token to authenticate for MFA.
How to set up your call center phone so that you are not prompted for a password on login.
This article provides instructions on how employees can forward their CofC office phone numbers to another phone number
What to do if you get a pop up from your web browser that your computer may be infected.
Resolve Issues with Call Forwarding going straight to voicemail instead of forwarding to the directed number.
Here are some settings you can check if you don't hear your phone when it rings.
How to retrieve a call from another phone.
How to add a caller to your blacklist.