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There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.
Includes how to locate MyCharleston login, locate CWID, how to reset your password, and how to get further assistance.
This article describes how to change the display name in a Gmail account.
This article describes where employees and students can go to update personal information in MyCharleston.
How to update your mailing address in MyCharleston.
Office 365 requires a license. In order to use Office 365, it must first be activated. Activate it using your CofC employee email address.
Auto-arranged icons will arrange themselves on your primary monitor. It is possible to change which monitor is set as the primary monitor. Here's how.
Steps on how to change the computer time
The Insert key (sometimes displayed as Ins) toggles how text is inserted into a document.
It is possible to record your preferred name or professional last name, rather than your legal name, in college systems. This article describes how to request that update.
It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.
How to change your default program to another application.
User gets an error message 'an unexpected error has occurred' when trying to change authentication method for MFA
How to change, remove and restore the class banner in OAKS.
This article provides the voicemail password restrictions for VoIP.