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Lists benefits of using cloud storage
Zoom and OAKS are integrated; this article contains a link to the user guide
This article describes options for employees to save their college owned files. When saving or storing your files, consider who needs access to the file and whether the file will be modified or is finalized. Choose from several Microsoft tools such as OneDrive, Teams, Stream, and the Hub (Intranet, SharePoint).
Taskbar Right click OneDrive - Setting - Settings tab
This article instructs on how to locate a cloud recording's password.
How to create an Adobe ID. (Needed to log into Adobe Creative Cloud in classrooms\labs)
This article provides information on how to update your paid Adobe Creative Cloud licensing once a new license is started on 9/27/2021.
How to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud
This article describes how to turn off the password requirement for Zoom cloud recordings.