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This article provides information on allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari to successfully play Kaltura videos in OAKS.
How to resolve Teams being blocked
VoiceThread requires several things such as Flash and Cookies enabled in order to allow you to do voice or video comments. If you are unable to record a voice comment OR if you can record video but it has no audio in VoiceThread then this article should help you diagnose your problem.
This article describes how to enable cookies in various browsers and operating systems (IE, Firefox, and Chrome on iOS, MacOS, PC, and Android)
How to manage cookie and script storage preferences on
Using a private browsing window or incognito mode is useful for opening multiple sessions in the same browser (such as multiple Office account logins, or Google Apps logins), as well as providing a "clean" temporary session (not using stored session cookies or data).
A user selects the green button "I've already used AppsAnywhere on this device!" when using for the first time without having installed the AppsAnywhere client. On the next visit to, validation takes a long time, then fails.