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How to check your Cougar Card balance to see how much money you have available.
This article provides steps on how to add Dining Dollars to a student's account in eBill. Must select current semester for Deposit. Takes up to 2 hours.
How to change your profile picture in MyCharleston.
Receive Cougar Alerts via text.
This article provides steps for logging into the Cougar Card Portal and troubleshooting for anyone having issues.
Cougar Scholarship Awarding System (CSAS) Information
Add your emergency contact information to receive Cougar Alerts.
What should I do when the printer is low on toner?
How to opt out of Cougar Alert notifications
There are some things you can do when you receive the channel rendering failure message in MyCharleston. Report the issue to an administrator if the issue is not resolved.
Why didn't I get a Cougar Alert call on my CofC Office phone that is set up in MyCharleston?