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This article lists causes and resolutions for clients who receive a blank page when trying to access a secure resource in MyCharleston.
Describes how to find out what your Cmail address is, what the initial password is, and where to log in.
Provides the initial password to log in to CofC systems
How can I access my email?
How to set Outlook as the default on Mac. How to rebuild LaunchServices database to remove duplicate default application entries.
How to change your default program to another application.
How to install Microsoft Photos from the Microsoft Store
How to change the default printer in Windows
Learn how to change your default browser in windows or apple desktop operating systems.
If your favorite default browser will not work with a website you frequently visit, it is possible to create a shortcut to that site to open in a different browser.
What apps are available on CofC iPads?
Instructions for changing the printer preferences to always print double-sided.
Instructions to set a printer tray as the default tray.