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Load a scanner in BDM.
This article explains how to use an online file converter to convert a .pages file into a .docx file.
If your filename contains invalid special characters, you will receive error 238245 when trying to upload it to the Student Health Portal.
Sign forms with Adobe (not the same as DocuSign or a validated digital signature)
This article describes how employees can create and sign into their CofC Google Apps account.
Teaching users how to use a phone or tablet as a second screen in Zoom for the purposes of sharing and/or annotating content. Also includes instruction for using the Tripp-Lite goose-neck phone/tablet holder as a document camera.
This article describes options for employees to save files.
Doc editing isn't working because the user is not signed in.
How to Combine Personal Account and Google Apps Account
This article explains how to enable macros in Word. This is useful if the client is opening Word files in BDMS.
Requirements for logging into SecureShare using a shared email address
How do I change the View of my Word document?
Troubleshoot issue with the document camera not displaying.