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An Authorized User will have their own account in eBill, allowing them the ability to make payments. This article lists the instructions for students on how to set up an Authorized User in eBill.
How can I access my email?
What to do if Outlook won't accept your password.
This article describes how employees can create and sign into their CofC Google Apps account.
Save time by sharing Office documents via email directly through the application itself.
Learn how to easily move your emails from one folder to another in Outlook.
This article describes where employees and students can go to update personal information in MyCharleston.
How to sort your email by a different heading
Share a non-default subfolder with another employee.
This article describes how to set up your email account on a campus computer or on your smart phone.
This article gives an explanation of the Junk Email Filter in Outlook so you can manage spam messages.
How students can synchronize their Cmail password with their MyCharleston password
Invalid forwarding address can result in receiving mailer daemon messages that it could not be delivered
This article gives instructions on how to look up an email address in Outlook.
If your mail profile becomes corrupt, you will not be able to open your mail application. This can be resolved by rebuilding your mail profile.