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This article describes why auto-forwarding functionality was disabled for all employee email accounts.
This article provides information on Google account access for alumni, including recent policy changes.
Information on Google Drive, provided to employees and students through their College Google Apps accounts.
This article provides information on how to bulk migrate or archive your Google storage to OneDrive.
Print W-2 from MyCharleston.
This article describes how a student or employee can locate their CWID.
Options for getting Windows 10
Introduction to MyPortal -- what it is and where to get more information
This article explains what to do to resolve issues with employees being unable to open the Employee Dashboard.
This article describes options for employees to save their college owned files. When saving or storing your files, consider who needs access to the file and whether the file will be modified or is finalized. Choose from several Microsoft tools such as OneDrive, Teams, Stream, and the Hub (Intranet, SharePoint).
This article describes how employees can create and sign into their CofC Google Apps account.
How do I get a W-2?
This article gives instructions on how to look up an email address in Outlook.
This article describes how an employee can use CofC resources to install Microsoft Office on their home computer.
This article provides instructions for checking voicemail for you VoIP phone.