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This article describes how to remove the Screencastify extension from Chrome so that the Lockdown Browser can open.
This article outlines troubleshooting steps if a student is unable to request a transcript.
This article explains how faculty may access DegreeWorks in MyPortal when presented with the error "You do not have permission to view this page."
If your mail profile becomes corrupt, you will not be able to open your mail application. This can be resolved by rebuilding your mail profile.
How to recover from an error when attempting to update or restore your Apple device from iTunes.
Resolve PCL XL Error when printing to an HP printer
This article describes how to address the "We can't get your files" error when attempting to access files on a newly-created team in Microsoft Teams.
Troubleshooting Degree Works Access Denied Error
This article provides some troubleshooting steps to test if you are seeing an internal error message when attempting to register for classes.
OneDrive sync error caused by special characters "% #" being in the name. Also files ending in "xxx.url"
Receiving an error when trying to upload a file in OAKS.
Clear the internal server error received when registering for classes in MyPortal
This article describes the best steps to follow when receiving the error "CAPP or Degree Works is down" in the Registration Tools tile in MyPortal.
How to resubmit a paper to Turnitin via OAKS and rectify the alert icon in the Dropbox.
Adobe does not support all fonts. You may need to use a different pdf viewer.