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This article describes why auto-forwarding functionality was disabled for all employee email accounts.
This article provides information on Google account access for alumni, including recent policy changes.
This article contains troubleshooting information for a transfer error when using the Google Transfer option.
How students and employees can synchronize their Cmail/Google Apps password with their MyCharleston/MyPortal password
Describes how to find out what your Cmail address is, what the initial password is, and where to log in.
Two-factor verification can help to stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you, because even if they have your password, odds are that they don't have your device, too.

There are some common two-factor verification problems that seem to happen more frequently than any of us would like. We've put together this article hoping to address the most common problems and some possible fixes.
Instructions for enabling or disabling forwarding from Cmail
Links to Microsoft support site for how to add gmail accounts to Outlook 365 client.
This article describes how to change the display name in a Gmail account.
a student employee may have an work email account in addition to student email account.
How to set up your Gmail calendar as a secondary one in Outlook.
Set up your student gmail account on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone).