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Instructions for setting up Touch ID on iOS
This article describes how to enable cookies in various browsers and operating systems (IE, Firefox, and Chrome on iOS, MacOS, PC, and Android)
Office Lens and Scanner Pro apps for scanning from a mobile device.
This article provides instructions on how to power off an iPad.
This article will show the user how to restore an iPad while being locked out.
This article describes how to repair an iPhone that is stuck at "Checking for Updates" in Settings > General > Software Updates by resetting Network Settings.
It is possible to transfer content from one iOS device to another using Quick Start, iCloud, or iTunes.
Apple iOS 14 devices, WatchOS 7 and later devicesas well as Android 10 and later devices will use private MAC addresses by default when connecting to each SSID/Wifi Name. This may cause the device to the rejected from joining the network.
Step-by-step instructions of how to add a shared mailbox to your iOS device using the Outlook app.
Microsoft plans to retire support for Teams on iOS 13 and below in October 2021.
Beginning September 13th, 2021, Outlook for iOS and Android be no longer sync calendars from Facebook, Meetup, and Evernote.
Set up your student gmail account on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone).
When attempting to authenticate to the cofc-guest network using Google oAuth method, iOS users will be presented with an error titled "Error: disallowed_useragent" with no option to continue.
What apps are available on CofC iPads?