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This article describes the steps needed to transfer a call from a CofC phone.
Learn how to use the Yealink T48 VoIP phone.
This article describes how to set up your email account on a campus computer or on your smart phone.
It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.
This article provides troubleshooting information if you see a phone number error when accessing eProcure via MyPortal.
Adding Contacts in Spirit Unify
Internal instructions for Spirit Unify. Could be added to external self service eventually.
This article describes where employees and students can go to update personal information in MyCharleston.
How to set up your call center phone so that you are not prompted for a password on login.
This article describes troubleshooting steps to apply when a fax machine is not able to send/receive faxes.
There are several ways to look up a phone number for someone at College of Charleston.
Resolve Issues with Call Forwarding going straight to voicemail instead of forwarding to the directed number.
Here are some settings you can check if you don't hear your phone when it rings.
Instructions to change the recorded name on a voice mail box
Apple iOS 14 devices, WatchOS 7 and later devicesas well as Android 10 and later devices will use private MAC addresses by default when connecting to each SSID/Wifi Name. This may cause the device to the rejected from joining the network.