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The Self Registration tool is a link that is present ONLY on the OAKS MyHome page Navigation bar. The links name is “Self Registration for SPEC courses ONLY”
It allows any OAKS user to register for a how to use OAKS non-credit course called “Introduction to OAKS for Students” All OAKS users see it and could register. This is the only course that uses Self Registration. Students will have to go through normal registration process to register for all other CofC courses.
How to set up a Zoom meeting to require registration.
Registration User Guide for MyPortal guides students through registering for courses in MyPortal. It covers what students should do before registering, how to search and register for courses, and common registration errors.
Provides steps for how to register for student Orientation.
This article is for how to troubleshoot the "Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied" Error in MyPortal if the username and password is correct.
This article provides some troubleshooting steps to test if you are seeing an internal error message when attempting to register for classes.
Clear the internal server error received when registering for classes in MyPortal
Follow these steps if you are unable to submit the registration requirements (such as Financial Responsibility, address verification, etc.) to register for classes in MyPortal.
These are the steps to withdrawal from a course in MyPortal.
How to Register for Classes in My Portal and Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB9)
This article describes the best point of contact for information regarding the Student Financial Responsibility form.
This article lists some of the most common reasons a student can't register for classes.
What to do if you are prevented from registering for the course due to a student restriction (i.e. hold or class level).
The default size of the Meeting Times column does not allow the end-user to see all of the information. This article explains how to expand the Meeting Times column to see the full details of days, time, room location, and dates for the classes.
A message that, "Your changes have already been submitted," indicates you have already registered for the course.