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This is a guide for how to request access to, set up and use Pulse Secure VPN. Pulse Secure VPN allows you to access certain resources (like Banner, network drives, etc.) that require campus network connection.
This article describes how to request assistance scheduling a computer move for working remotely from home.
This article describes how to fix the volume if it decreases to zero at the start of a Zoom meeting.
This article explains how to resolve the "Host has another meeting in progress" error when attempting to access a Zoom meeting.
This article provides information on a Pulse Secure error that flashes on Mac computers asking the user to remove it. The prompt is a legitimate MacOS security one- a new Pulse Secure client is needed to stop the prompt.
Tips for increasing home Internet speeds while working remotely.
Best practices for working from home.
This article cover the policies, technology constraints and best practices while working away from the office.
This article describes how to turn on Network Discovery on a Windows 10 PC.
How to set up and use Microsoft Remote Desktop connection program on a Windows 10 PC, MacOSX machine, and iOS/Android mobile device.
This article describes some basic troubleshooting that can be done to to help identify issues when connecting to a machine or server via Microsoft Remote Desktop.
Internal instructions for Spirit Unify. Could be added to external self service eventually.
Resolve Issues with RDP getting stuck on the "Configuring Remote Session" step