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Share files securely with SecureShare.
This article describes options for employees to save their college owned files. When saving or storing your files, consider who needs access to the file and whether the file will be modified or is finalized. Choose from several Microsoft tools such as OneDrive, Teams, Stream, and the Hub (Intranet, SharePoint).
This article lists options for sharing sensitive information. Emails that contain sensitive information are quarantined.
How to use OneDrive to share files and folders.
How to set us which folders to sync.
This article describes how to best transfer ownership of a file or folder stored in a personal College of Charleston OneDrive account.
Save time by sharing Office documents via email directly through the application itself.
Learn how to change the settings on a Kaltura Channel to allow others to post a video to it.
Share a non-default subfolder with another employee.
Instructions on how to make a PDF file using the print function
This article shows you how you can share a photo stored on your iPad.