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Students needing access to specialized software installed on Addlestone Library computers can follow the steps in this article to gain access to that software.
How to resolve "cannot register due to student status"
If your filename contains invalid special characters, you will receive error 238245 when trying to upload it to the Student Health Portal.
This article provides further information on how to apply to graduate, as well as offers additional resources to answer further questions or troubleshoot common application issues.
When logging into Cmail for the first time, students will need to logon to their MyCharleston account, click on the Cmail Icon & then enter in their student email address & default password (CWID number & 6 digit birth date).
Where can I find information on the Student Health forms that are required?
This article lists some of the most common reasons a student can't register for classes.
This article describes how to associate a Cougar Card account with a library printing account. This allows users to use funds available on their cougar card for printing expenses.
This article provides information on how to locate and submit the Verification of Lawful Presence form in MyCharleston.
General information about dropping/withdrawing from a course
This article outlines troubleshooting steps if a student is unable to request a transcript.
What to do if you are prevented from registering for the course due to a student restriction (i.e. hold or class level).
Where in MyCharleston do students go to register for classes?
This article describes when students will be able to access their courses' OAKS pages at the start of a term.
This article answers the questions of when/if/how the Cmail account can be removed.