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This article helps resolve issues with booting related to the message "Unsupported Video Configuration Detected"
Uninstall/Reinstall to get the newest version of Office. DOS is working on some changes that can be made in the registry which may allow end-users to manage their own updates, but at this time, reinstalling is the only way to update.
This article provides information on Faculty Activity System (FAS- also called Activity Insight or Digital Measures) and how to use/report issues with it.
Troubleshooting Degree Works Access Denied Error
Try the default password. If still not working, Service Desk can reset the password using Google Admin.
Cougar Scholarship Awarding System (CSAS) Information
What to do if you receive an External System Error CPIP Notification while using MyCharleston
Shows how to check to see if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
Instructions on how to install the Microsoft Authenticator.
Learn how to create and scan bubble sheets for automatic grading.
IRB eForms will only work in Chrome or Firefox. Login with your cougars credentials, but not your whole email address. Only Principal Investigators can edit applications.
This article describes how you can find out what operating system and version your computer is running so that you can be sure to install compatible software.