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Explains how to upload a file to OneDrive. Includes MSFT video.
Students must upload documents to access AutoCAD on a one-year trial. The documents must meet certain criteria.
This article describes how to remove the prompt to provide alternative text when uploading an image into a discussion thread in OAKS.
If your filename contains invalid special characters, you will receive error 238245 when trying to upload it to the Student Health Portal.
Resolve issue with cached credentials expired or upload blocked message with Office 365.
Facebook has an online Help Center that will answer many of your Facebook questions, including how to post photos.
Switch to a mobile view in your browser to post a photo to Instagram from your computer.
While OAKS will accept most file types, users should not upload media files directly into OAKS tools. There are other media options, integrated with OAKS that will produce a better result.
Receiving an error when trying to upload a file in OAKS.