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This article helps resolve issues with booting related to the message "Unsupported Video Configuration Detected"
This article details instructions for how to update audio drivers.
This article offers resource guides and troubleshooting for common Zoom issues.
VoiceThread requires several things such as Flash and Cookies enabled in order to allow you to do voice or video comments. If you are unable to record a voice comment OR if you can record video but it has no audio in VoiceThread then this article should help you diagnose your problem.
While OAKS will accept most file types, users should not upload media files directly into OAKS tools. There are other media options, integrated with OAKS that will produce a better result.
Instructions on how to fix Kaltura videos showing as [Broken Topic] when content is copied over from another course.
The College's Zoom license does not currently offer the webinar option, but there is an alternative to hosting a webinar through Microsoft Teams Live Events.
The TLT blog has instructions available for OAKS.
This article directs you to where you can receive training for Cascade so you can maintain your CofC website.
Things to check if Zoom gives a message it can't detect a camera
If your iCloud account has reached its size limit, you are no longer able to save photos, videos, notes, documents, backups, etc. to your iCloud account. The options are to reduce what is being stored in your account, or buy more storage with a subscription.
This article describes how to disable the mirror effect for video in Zoom.
If the camera cover is closed, the video image will appear all black even if it's not muted
How to delete a video from the Kaltura My Media Dashboard through the OAKS integrated site.
This article describes how to enable and use the virtual background option in Zoom.