Accounts & Access

Permissions and password management, adding and removing accounts

Categories (4)

Request a new account for access.

Need access to a departmental folder? Lose a file?


Issues concerned with remote access to campus network through VPN.

Having trouble logging into MyCharleston or your CMAIL account?

Services (9)

Account Permission Request

Request Cougar account permission changes.

Banner - INB Access

Banner Data Owners can request access to Banner INB for users for the various Banner security roles controlled by the Data Owner.

Banner Document Manager (BDMS) Password Reset

Use this service to request manual reset of your BDMS Password.

Blog Request - Add Bulk Users

Grant a list of users access to update a blog. To be used when multiple users need access at one time.

Multi-factor Authentication Issue

Report issue with using Multi-factor Authentication with a College account.

Multi-factor Authentication Request To Enable

Request to enable Multi-factor Authentication for your College account.

Office 365 Access

Incident request pertaining to issues with accessing/downloading any Office 365 Applications.

Request for SAML Authentication

Request for configuring SAML SSO authentication.

Student Employee Account

Service for requesting new access or removing access for a Student Employee.