Software & Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud and other software requests.

Services (8)

Software Request

Software request for College of Charleston owned computers, classrooms, and labs

IT Buyer Review Request

Request new software purchases.

Movie Captioner Install

Request Movie Captioner closed captioning application

Online Learning Consortium Account Creation

Create an account for the Online Learning Consortium web application that provides faculty and staff with resources related to online teaching.

Software Issue

Questions or issues pertaining to software installed on a desktop or mobile device.

Student Statistical Software Request

Students enrolled in a degree-seeking program or involved in an ongoing research project may request certain statistical software free of charge for their personal computers.

TLT Supported Applications Assistance

Help with Academic Applications such as Kaltura, Google Apps for Education, VoiceThread, Poll Everywhere, and others.

Virus Analysis

Request an IT technician to remotely scan your computer for malware software and virus results.