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Services or Offerings?
Request access to buildings on campus after hours for Faculty, Staff and Students.

Request camera footage from an on campus security camera from a specific time frame.

This form should be used when you need an object migrated from one Cognos environment to another.

This form should be used to request a new report using data from Banner or DegreeWorks.

Cognos training course for new users or users seeking a refresher course. At the Author and Consumer levels.

Request Access to Cognos or Tableau for new or current users.

Report information and status of Emergency Call boxes on campus.

Each year, the University Marketing team works with offices and departments throughout the campus to help them achieve their enrollment, retention and student-satisfaction objectives. By taking an integrated marketing approach to advertising and promotional strategies, the UM team can help campus colleagues develop a consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience for their target audiences.

The University Marketing team handles a number of standard requests that range from providing College of Charleston logos with unit identifiers to creating event collateral (banners, tablecloths, posters, etc) to photographing events, specific individuals and groups. In the case of photography, our resources are limited. Of necessity, University Marketing prioritizes photography requests that support student recruitment and retention; all others are considered on a resource-availability basis.

Use either when you need an additional ODS refresh in addition to the twice daily scheduled refreshes (1 A.M. and noon) or when you need external data updated.