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Services or Offerings?
Request Access to Cognos or Tableau for new or current users.

Request access to buildings on campus after hours for Faculty, Staff and Students.

Network folder and files access request.

BDM Access Request to add users to or remove users from BDM User Groups.

Service for requesting access to Compliance Assist.

Request assistance with access to a building on campus.

Incident request pertaining to issues with accessing/downloading any Office 365 Applications.

Request access to network files while away from campus through VPN.

Get help with accessing your MyCharleston account.

Request from Registrar’s Office to update the Classroom Access Codes list on the Faculty tab in MyCharleston.

Banner Data Owners can request access to Banner INB for users for the various Banner security roles controlled by the Data Owner.

Request permissions to add an additional calendar, or Inbox to your Outlook account.

Experiencing an issue with the network in a residence hall.

Service for requesting new access or removing access for a Student Employee.

Grant a list of users access to update a blog. To be used when multiple users need access at one time.