Software Request

Do you need software installed in your Office or a Classroom/Lab on campus?

College employees can request to have software installed on college owned computers or classroom/labs with this request.

If you need software installed on a CofC owned computer, and it is unavailable in the Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac), please request through this service. You can request this service for Adobe Creative Cloud installation on CofC computers as well as other Campus Site Licensed software such as SPSS, SAS, JMP, MiniTab, MatLab, ArcGIS, etc.  If you need any other software installed, you can request it though this service as well. Please provide the name of the software, location of the installation files (network location or internet download), any license keys, serial numbers, or login information to obtain said software, and the name of the computer.

If you are requesting Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software, you will need to complete an Intra-Departmental Transfer (IDT) digitally-available on the right side of this page and send to IT-Financial for the cost of the license(s).

NOTE: Each license of CC can be open on up to two computers at the same time.


When requesting software for a classroom or lab, you can submit for the upcoming three semesters. The request for the closest upcoming semester will be turned off TWO weeks before the start of classes to allow time to prepare the software titles and computers in those spaces. Please check the start date for class and get your requests in on time. All late requests will need to be entered through the IT Service Desk (3-3375) and will be processed after requests through this from have been completed.

Available To:
Faculty and Staff of the College of Charleston. Installation is only available for College of Charleston owned computers.

There is a charge of $165 per license to use this service for Adobe Creative Cloud. This fee is charged by the Fiscal Year and it is paid by Inter-Departmental Transfer. (IDT form to the right.) The IDT will be sent to  Adobe cannot be installed until the IDT is received.

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