VPN Access Request (Pulse VPN)

Pulse is the method of connecting to the campus network to access campus computing resources. The method used by the College of Charleston protects you and campus computing resources by facilitating a secure connection through a Virtual Private Network connection (VPN). This connection is secured by multifactor authentication using your personal or College provided cell phone and SMS. Alternate methods of authentication are available for international travel or other special circumstances.

Campus resources available through Pulse VPN include:

  • Network drives (user directory, departmental shared folder)
  • Remote Desktop to campus desktop workstations & SSH connections
  • College Applications (i.e. SharePoint, Banner, Cognos, etc)
  • Transfer Files to local machine (restricted by Campus Security Policy) 

Available To:
Faculty, staff and students can request this service.

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VPN Assistance

There is no charge to request or use this service.

Request VPN Access


Service ID: 13575
Sat 6/18/16 12:32 AM
Fri 2/19/21 2:47 PM