OAKS - Request to Crosslist OAKS courses

If you teach multiple sections of the same course, you can have the sections "crosslisted" in OAKS in order to eliminate the building of identical courses. Crosslisting puts all students into one course within OAKS, but Instructors can still separate them by their registered Banner sections within the Grades area and other tools.

For example, you teach three sections of Technology 101.  This will generate three individual OAKS course shells, which will require you to post material three times, once in each shell.  If you crosslist, it combines all three sections into one OAKS shell so you only need to post material once to make it available to all three sections.
Loss of Content
Crosslisting OAKS courses will result in the LOSS OF ALL student work, grades, content and course material already in those courses and cannot be retrieved.


Before Requesting

  1. You will need the Course Registration Number (CRN), full name, and section for each class you want to crosslist in OAKS.  The submitted information must include this information or the Service Desk will have to verify which will delay the completion of your request.  Ex: 12345 (CRN), AAST-101-01 Special Topics.
  2. Also, if you will be assigning other roles to your course, such as Content Assistant, Grading Assistant or Chair, this must be done BEFORE the OAKS crosslisting occurs. The person, along with his/her role, will need to be added to each section to which he/she belongs prior to requesting the OAKS crosslist.
  3. If your course in OAKS is crosslisted note that there is no way to sort by sections in the Groups tool.  In order to create groups with students from the same sections, you will need to manually enroll them into the groups.  If you choose to create auto-enrolled groups they will be created from a random cross section of all combined courses.  In addition, students can only see others in their own class in the Classlist.
  4. If your course is crosslsited you will need to set up zoom sessions for each section of a crosslisted course.  Here are steps needed to create zoom sessions in an OAKS Crosslisted Course.

*Turnaround time for these requests is typically 3 business days.*

Multiple Requests
If more than one OAKS crosslisting request is to be submitted, please submit only one request per form.


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OAKS instructors only can request this service.

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