OAKS - Course Related Requests or Changes

While most of OAKS is controlled by the Banner Student Information System, there are occasions when you may need something that isn’t a course on Banner. 

Request a Special Non-credit Course

A Special Course can be any course added to OAKS that is not a personal OAKS Development course or an official Banner course.  Examples of Special Non-credit Courses are:

  1. Department course to enhance communication and disseminate documents and information.
  2. Major course for all students majoring in a specific discipline
  3. Training course

Request an OAKS Development Course

There are times when users need an area in OAKS to either build a course for a future semester or to just try out new things before implementing them in an active class.  An OAKS Development (DEV) course provides a user with this type of area.  It is a course shell that will only be seen by the requesting user.  Users can also request a Fake Student be added to this class so that you can also experience the Development Course as a student would.

Request a Banner Course be resent to OAKS

Banner is the definitive source for CofC credit-bearing courses. These courses are automatically created in OAKS upon their creation in Banner.  Occasionally this doesn’t work perfectly and the course is not sent to OAKS.  When this happen we have to trigger Banner to resend the course information.  This rarely happens, so BEFORE you submit this request, PLEASE verify that your Banner course is truly missing from OAKS.

Step 1:  Log into My Charleston and make sure your Banner class appears in your Faculty Dashboard  

  • If it is not in My Charleston then it will not be in OAKS.  You need to contact your Department Chair to remedy this issue.  
  • If it is in your Faculty Dashboard then go to Step 2.

Step 2:  Log into OAKS and make sure that, in the My Courses area, your Semester filter is set to the current term.  

  • If the term is not the current term then change it to the appropriate semester and see if your class appears.
  • If your Semester filter is set properly and your classes do not appear then please submit a Request an OAKS Course above.

Change the open and/or close date of an OAKS course

The College of Charleston academic calendar, posted at registrar.cofc.edu, is the definitive source for the start and end dates of each term.  Credit-earning courses must be offered on this calendar; start and end dates cannot be changed.  However, you can request that your OAKS section is make available to students earlier or stay open later, provided you are not starting the course early or ending it late.  Instructors may request that their courses are open no more than ONE week early or stay open no more than ONE week late (NOTE: Study Abroad classes can open up to a month early).  This date change will apply to all students in the class.  Note: An early course opening is primarily reserved for Study Abroad courses.

If you want to extend a class to a student with an incomplete you will need to visit OAKS Add/Remove/Change Users and select Student with an Incomplete.

*OAKS updates may cause a custom open and/or close date to revert back to the default date.  If this occurs, contact the Service Desk* 

For an integration request:

  1. 1. The faculty or staff member will complete the Request form below.  On the form select “Request an integration".  The faculty/staff member is responsible for communicating with the application company to get all the form questions answered.  Due to the amount of information and testing needed, please submit the form a minimum of four months prior to use. This length of time is required to process quality assurance testing, functionality testing, as well as testing for universal design and accessibility compliance.  In addition, all integrations will have to go through CofC’s legal and information security departments for approval.
  2. The faculty/staff member is also responsible for testing the integration on the test server before it is moved to the production server.  Once the form has been completed and submitted, it will be reviewed by the OAKS admin.  Once approved it will be placed on the test server and OAKS admin will give the Faculty member access to a course on the test server in order to conduct their testing.
  3. After successful testing the integration will be made available on the production server.

Please note that the completion of this form does not guarantee installation of the integration.

The following third party integrations already are in place:
Akindi * Cengage MindTap * Google Apps for Students * Films On Demand * Kaltura * Macmillan Launchpad  * PollEverywhere  * Turnitin * McGraw Hill Campus * VoiceThread * YouTube   * Zoom * LinkedIn Learning * Microsoft OneNote * Pearson MyLab and Mastering * Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor


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Faculty and Staff only can request this service.

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