Services A-Z (140)

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Academic Conference Planning

Request Information Technology assistance for conferences.

Account Permission Request

Request Cougar account permission changes.

After Hours Building Access Request

Request access to buildings on campus after hours for Faculty, Staff and Students.

Ancillary Support Request

Use this service request form to submit a Support Request to the Ancillary team when another specific service request form does not exist for the particular service you require.

Appointment Manager Support (AM)

Report a problem or issue with Appointment Manager


Banner - Banner Relationship Manager Support (BRM)

Report a problem or issue with BRM

Banner - Chart of Account Maintenance

Request changes to effective dates and other fields in Banner Chart of Accounts.

Banner - INB Access

Banner Data Owners can request access to Banner INB for users for the various Banner security roles controlled by the Data Owner.

Banner - Patch Request

Use this service to request the installation of Banner patch(es).

Banner - Workflow Down or Not Responding

Workflow is running slowly, not responding or is down.

Banner 9 Project Issue report

Used to submit Banner 9 test issues

Banner Document Manager (BDMS) Password Reset

Use this service to request manual reset of your BDMS Password.

Banner Support

Please use this service to report problems or issues, including connectivity, with Banner or request a new service.

BDM Banner Document Management Access

BDM Access Request to add users to or remove users from BDM User Groups.

Blackboard Support (Card System)

Please use this request to report any problems or issues with the Blackboard System.

Blog Request - Add Bulk Users

Grant a list of users access to update a blog. To be used when multiple users need access at one time.

Blog Request - Create New Faculty/Staff Blog

Create a new blog on the College of Charleston blog server for faculty and staff (

Building Access Incident

Request assistance with access to a building on campus.


Camera Footage Request

Request camera footage from an on campus security camera from a specific time frame.

Cascade CMS- Add Users Request

Grant users access to a CofC website in the Content Management System (CMS) Cascade Server.

Chain of Custody

Computer Evidence Chain of Custody

Classroom Access Codes Update

Request from Registrar’s Office to update the Classroom Access Codes list on the Faculty tab in MyCharleston.

Classroom Software Request

Request software for a classroom or lab.

Classroom, Lab, Conference Room Technology - Repair and Service

Report a problem with technology relating to a classroom or departmental lab.

Cmail - Password Reset

Need access to your Cmail account? Need your password reset?

CofC System Down/Not Responding

Report issues with a system or application being down or not responding. Systems such as: Axiom, AssetWorks, BDM, ePrint, MyCougar Campus, MyCharleston (Luminis), SciQuest and Workflow.

Cognos Migration Request

This form should be used when you need an object migrated from one Cognos environment to another.

Cognos New Report Request

This form should be used to request a new report using data from Banner or DegreeWorks.

Cognos Training Request - In Person Consumers or New Authors

Cognos training course for new users or users seeking a refresher course. At the Author and Consumer levels.

Cognos/Tableau Data Access Request

Request Access to Cognos or Tableau for new or current users.

CognosHelp Request

Compliance Assist Access

Service for requesting access to Compliance Assist.

Computer or Accessory Purchase/(Re)Installation

Use this service to request all reinstall or purchase of a computer hardware or accessories.

CSAS Issue - Cougar Scholarship Award System


Degree Works Support (DW)

Please use this request to report an issue or problem with Degree Works.

Distribution List Creation

Request for Automated Distribution List using student data


EAM Application Issues

Use this ticket to report issues pertaining to campus enterprise applications.

EAM Application Support

Use this ticket to request services pertaining to enterprise applications.


Issues or questions pertaining to eBill.


Questions regarding Eduroam including how to connect and ongoing connectivity problems.

Electronic Transcript Support

Please use to report a problem with Etranscript's or Robo Registrar

Email - Report a Problem

Are you having a problem with your email?

Email Account - Modify/Create/Delete

General email problems or requests

Email Confirmation

Request verification on email traffic.

Emergency Call Box Check

Report information and status of Emergency Call boxes on campus.

ERP Application Services Request

Event Ticketing: Paciolan Wifi Datasheet

DUE: 24 AUG 2020

Jason Trinklein will complete the attached Paciolan Client Wifi Datasheet Template.xls doc as part of the Event Ticketing project.

Explorance Support (Blue)

Please use this to report an issue or problem with Explorance (Blue).


High Performance Computing (HPC) Incident Request

Report an incident with the High Performance Computing cluster.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Service Request

Service request pertaining to the High Performance Computing cluster.


Integrated Marketing Request

Each year, the University Marketing team works with offices and departments throughout the campus to help them achieve their enrollment, retention and student-satisfaction objectives. By taking an integrated marketing approach to advertising and promotional strategies, the UM team can help campus colleagues develop a consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience for their target audiences.

International Students and Scholars Management System (ISSM)

Please use this request to report an issue or problem with the International Students and Scholars Management System (ISSM)

IT Buyer Review Request

Request new software purchases.

IT Inventory QR Tag Request

Information Technology requires all computers and devices to have an inventory tag in addition to other CofC stickers currently in place.


Library Lab Equipment Repair Request

Submit a request to report a problem with equipment located in the Addlestone Library Lab.

Light Check

LISTSERV Assistance

Allows members on or off campus to communicate about a specific topic.

Litigation Hold

A request from legal for a litigation hold on an account (data and / or email).

LiveSafe Support

Use this incident request to identify issues or ask questions pertaining to the LiveSafe application.

Loaner Equipment Request


Marketing Assistance Request

The University Marketing team handles a number of standard requests that range from providing College of Charleston logos with unit identifiers to creating event collateral (banners, tablecloths, posters, etc) to photographing events, specific individuals and groups. In the case of photography, our resources are limited. Of necessity, University Marketing prioritizes photography requests that support student recruitment and retention; all others are considered on a resource-availability basis.

Microsoft App Proxy Request

Use this service to request new Microsoft App Proxy Access for an application on campus.

Microsoft Office

Questions or issues pertaining to Microsoft Office.

Mobile Application / Website Project Request

Use this form to submit a Mobile Application or Website Project to be reviewed by Information Technology and Marketing and Communications.

Movie Captioner Install

Request Movie Captioner closed captioning application

Multi-factor Authentication Issue

Report issue with using Multi-factor Authentication with a College account.

Multi-factor Authentication Request To Enable

Request to enable Multi-factor Authentication for your College account.

MyCharleston - Password Reset for Alumni and Prospective Students

Use the security questions to reset your MyCharleston password.

MyCharleston - Password Reset for Faculty, Staff, and Enrolled Students

Use the Self-Service Password Reset to reset your password.

MyCharleston Access

Get help with accessing your MyCharleston account.

MyPortal/CampusM Assistance

Please use this request to receive assistance using or accessing the College of Charleston MyPortal mobile application or desktop site.


Network Folder/File Access

Network folder and files access request.

Network Folder/File Assistance

Trouble accessing network folder and files.

New LISTSERV Request

College employees can request new Listserv addresses. This is not to be used for troubleshooting.
If you already have access and need assistance, use the Listserv Assistance Request.

New Request for Digital Signage

New request for digital signage and estimate.

Notice of Upcoming Court Appearance


OAKS - Add/Remove/Change OAKS Users

Request users be added, removed or changed in your OAKS classes. This includes Grading Assistants, Fake Students, Students with an Incomplete and more.

OAKS - Course Related Requests or Changes

Change your course dates, request a Development or a Special Non-credit OAKS Course, request for your Banner course to be resent to OAKS or request an integration.

OAKS - Fix Enrollments

Courses and classlists in OAKS should match your schedule in MyCharleston. Use this form to report discrepancies.

OAKS - Help

Get help with or ask a question about OAKS

OAKS - Request to Crosslist OAKS courses

Combine multiple OAKS courses into one OAKS shell.

ODS Additional Refresh Request

Use either when you need an additional ODS refresh in addition to the twice daily scheduled refreshes (1 A.M. and noon) or when you need external data updated.

ODS Customization Request

The Business Intelligence team offers this service for Cognos Authors to request new data from Banner, DegreeWorks, or another source be added to the ODS and made available for reporting purposes.

Office 365 Access

Incident request pertaining to issues with accessing/downloading any Office 365 Applications.

Online Learning Consortium Account Creation

Create an account for the Online Learning Consortium web application that provides faculty and staff with resources related to online teaching.

Outlook Inbox/Calendar Access Request

Request permissions to add an additional calendar, or Inbox to your Outlook account.


Panic Button Check

Parameter Change Request

Request for Parameter Change

PCI Network Change Request

No change to the PCI network can occur without the approval of the PCI committee.

Phishing Attempt

Report Phishing Emails

Poll Everywhere - Get a Pro Account

Request a Pro Account for the Poll Everywhere online polling application - Faculty and Staff Only

POSM Major and Minor Logic Update

Maintenance to the logic that controls Program of Study Management (POSM) dependencies for Majors, Minors and Concentrations.

Printer Help

Ask a question about or report an issue with a printer.

Problem Accessing Network (Residence Halls and Houses)

Experiencing an issue with the network in a residence hall.

Project Request

Request an IT Business Analyst to contact you about a new project request.


R25 Support (Classroom Scheduling)

Please use to report any issues or problems you are having with R25.

Registration Assistance

Senior Citizen registration assistance.

Report Security Camera Incident

Report a Down/Malfunctioning Security Camera on Campus.

Request for SAML Authentication

Request for configuring SAML SSO authentication.

Restore File From Back-up

Restore user and department files from backup.

Retired/Emeriti E-Mail Retention Request

Use this form to request the ability to retain your College e-mail account after your retirement date. Retention is contingent upon approval by the Executive Vice President of your division. You will be notified by e-mail once your application is approved. The purpose of keeping this account is for the continuation of your relationship with the college. Personal emails should utilize a personal email account other than the account.


Security Camera Cabling Request

Need network cabling installed for new security camera(s)?

Set Up Two Workstations

I need two workstations set up from laptops/computer parts located in Bell 413B.

Software Issue

Questions or issues pertaining to software installed on a desktop or mobile device.

Software Request

Software request for College of Charleston owned computers, classrooms, and labs

StarRez Support

Used to report a problem with StarRez

StatusCast Request

Use this service to request additional subscribers to an existing StatusCast application/service, changes to the title or description of an existing application/service, or creation of a new application/service.

Student Computer Repair

Report a problem or service request for your computer.

Student Employee Account

Service for requesting new access or removing access for a Student Employee.

Student Instructional Technology Consultation Request

Request a consultation with Student Instructional Technology Services.

Student Loaner Equipment Request

Information Technology has extended the ability to checkout Windows Laptops and Wi-fi hotspots to current students who demonstrate financial need.

Student Statistical Software Request

Students enrolled in a degree-seeking program or involved in an ongoing research project may request certain statistical software free of charge for their personal computers.

Suspicious Account Login Detected

Report a suspicious login attempt for your CofC Google Apps account.


TeamDynamix Modification Request

Request changes such as reporting issues/errors in the system, creating workflows, changes to existing forms/workflows as well as overall program changes/ideas.

Telephone - Caller ID Change/Update

Change the name displayed on your phone.

Telephone - Disconnect Service

Disconnect telephone service of campus owned telephone.

Telephone - New Installation

Request a new campus telephone.

Telephone - Service

Use this ticket to request services pertaining to College campus phone lines, Verizon cell phone lines, and hotspots. With this ticket, you can:

Add new phone lines and disconnect existing ones
Order a Segra Unify soft phone app for your campus line
Update phone programming, records and billing
Update/reset voicemail
Order a new departmental hotspot
And more!

Telephone Issue

Report a problem with your campus telephone.

Telephone Move(s)

Move Phone Line to another location

Telephone Service - Transfer

Transfer Phone Service to Another Department

Text Message (SMS) Request

This form is intended for requests for mass communication via text message/SMS that is handled by the custom CofC Messenger application.

TLT Consultation

Request a consultation with an Instructional Technologist on the Teaching & Learning Team

TLT Supported Applications Assistance

Help with Academic Applications such as Kaltura, Google Apps for Education, VoiceThread, Poll Everywhere, and others.

Training Requests

Information Technology (IT) Training


Virtual Townhall Request

Service for requesting support for Virtual Townhalls.

Virus Analysis

Request an IT technician to remotely scan your computer for malware software and virus results.

Voicemail - Password Reset

Request for a Voicemail Password Reset.

Voicemail Box Reset

Reset a voicemail box to default settings.

VPN Access Request (Pulse VPN)

Request access to network files while away from campus through VPN.

VPN Assistance (Pulse VPN)

Do you need assistance setting up VPN for the first time or is it not working properly?

VPN PIN Reset (Pulse VPN)

Forgot your VPN PIN?


Web Conference Request

Schedule web conferencing for a class for the semester.

Web Support Request

Use this service request form to submit a request for assistance for web applications to the Web team when another specific service request form does not exist for the particular service you require.

Wireless Guest Account

Request a temporary guest user account for use on the College network for individuals, camps, events, or conferences.

Wireless Issue

Need help with campus related wireless issues?


Zoom Video Conferencing App Issues

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Zoom offers video, audio and wireless screen-sharing features on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.