How do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication


How do I set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)?  


Only required after MFA is enabled for your college domain account

Off campus only.

It is not required if you are authenticated on a CofC network. Examples would be locations of: Low Country Graduate School, Avery Research Lab, Grice Marine Lab, Harbor Walk, Patriot's Point Athletics offices 

MFA is required if you are using CofC guest wireless 

Office 365 applications

Tablets, laptops, and mobile devices including cellular phones

You can set the authenticator to not ask again for 14 days

* If you set up the Self-Service Password Reset, you will not need to set your preferences for Multi-Factor Authentication, it uses the same information.


Additional Security Verification: Secure your account by adding phone verification to your password. View a video to know how to secure your account. See associated files for a video and a PDF document. It is best practice to set up multi-factor authentication additional verification methods from a desktop computer while on campus.


Use your internet browser to log into the the Office 365 Portal. 

You will be prompted to provide more information, click Next 

Step 1.  Set up your preferred method of authentication


The easiest way to verify your identy, is to use the Microsoft Authenticator app.

To use the Microsoft app as the first method of verification and a phone as the second method, click Set Up 


To change the preferred methods, click Choose security info 

If you don't want to use the Microsoft App, change the second method you prefer first.

a. Choose the drop down arrow on the second method from Phone to Email 

b. Change the first method from Authenticator app to Phone

c. Click Close


To use the Authenticator app, install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android, iOS, or Windows phone at

Open the app, select Add Account on the Accounts screen

Select Work or school account

Manually enter the QR code displayed on your computer screen, or scan the code with your cellular phone


If you chose phone as a verification method, click Set up.

a. Select the United States from the drop down menu

b. Enter the phone number of the device you would like to use typically a cell phone, as you may not always be near that phone when you need access

c. Choose to verify with a code texted to you, or a phone call prompting you to press the # key to confirm

d. Click Next

e. You will get either a code by text or a phone call. 

Click next


If you chose email as a second verification method, enter the personal non-CofC email address you prefer to use to verify your account.

Click next


Step 2. Confirm Your Identity:

Depending on your notification choice from the initial set up, you will either get a text message or a phone call.

  1. If you chose Call me, follow the instructions that are in the call.
  2. If you chose Send me a code by text message, the enter the code and click the Verify button.
  3. When you receive the text including the verification code, enter the code in the space requested.



What Happens Next?

After the initial set up, the next time you sign in to Office 365 from off campus, you will be prompted to enter the code that is sent to you by text message, phone call, etc.

Best practice would be to set up more than one verification method.

Learn how to modify your Additional Security Verification settings visit


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Multi-factor authentication help